Andoer 52mm UV filtro ultra-violeta protetor de lente para Canon Nikon DSLR câmera

Andoer 52mm UV filtro ultra-violeta protetor de lente para Canon Nikon DSLR câmera

( Item#: D1587 )
2018-06-24 10:41:19

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absorve os raios ultravioletas e fornece uma imagem mais clara.
protege sua lente de câmera da poeira, umidade, arranhões e impressões digitais.
recartilhado borda do quadro: equipado com uma borda serrilhada para fácil fixação e remoção.

Material: vidro ótico
diâmetro: 52mm, ajustes para o mesmo tamanho do parafuso lente
Item peso: 13G/0,45 oz
tamanho do pacote: 7.2 * 9 * 1,5 cm / 2.8 * 3.5 * 0,6 no
peso do pacote: 41g/1,44 oz

lista de pacotes:
1 * 52mm UV filtro

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  • By i**** December 1, 2016

    Not only do UV filters protect your expensive lens from getting scratched, broken or even getting dust and the like on it, it also filters out UV ray's which could change the blue cast in shadows in certain images.I took some shots with and without the filter and didn't notice a difference on a side by side comparison which is good. At least I know that having this UV filter in place will help keep my lens clean and not alter my images in a negative way.

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  • By g**** November 30, 2016

    Love the uv filter it works perfect and the pictures look amazin!! i recieved the product really quickly and it came in a little plastice case which is nice for storage as well when its not being used. Just screw it on and it locks in nice and tight. If you have a camera of any worth, you'll soon realize that one of the most imporant and expensive aspects of the unit is the lens, so you need to protect it will all your might.

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  • By v**** November 29, 2016

    It is not an expensive camera filter but it is nice. It works great and it comes in a nice protective case. That keeps the glass safe.It works perfectly in replace of constantly putting on a lense cover during shoots. I received this product to test for any quality control issues and have found none so far. It cleanse up easily and I'm leaving it on my camera as my main lense filter.

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