Andoerデュアルレンズ360度のパノラマデジタルビデオスポーツアクションVRカメラ220度フィッシュアイズレンズと1920 * 960P 30fpsのHD 8MP

Andoerデュアルレンズ360度のパノラマデジタルビデオスポーツアクションVRカメラ220度フィッシュアイズレンズと1920 * 960P 30fpsのHD 8MP

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Una luce a soffitto giù ultra sottile con la luce super luminoso che può essere montato in ambienti soffitto molto basso. Risparmio di spazio, luce-libera. Ottimo per i corridoi, stanze, uffici, scale e molte altre applicazioni commerciali o residenziali. !! !! !! Caratteristiche: !! illuminazione luminosa eccellente di alta qualità piastra guida di luce, abbagliamento-libera. !! Adotta l'ultima tecnologia lato-emettono luce rendono la lampada ultra-sottile. Lo spessore della lampada è di circa 12 mm. Sarà perfetto per l'applicazione a bassa illuminazione a soffitto. Salvaspazio !! La luce esce dal LED poi va in LGP (Light Guide Plate), poi esce dal LD ​​(Light diffusore). Questa luce indiretta è più morbido e confortevole, priva di riflessi. !! Buon materiale dissipatore di calore, la prestazione eccellente dissipazione del calore, ad alta efficienza luce e basso consumo energetico. !! Corpo in alluminio della lampada di fusione, la struttura compatta, inossidabile e leggerezza. !! fonte di luce morbida e confortevole, nessun punto luce, nessun sfarfallamento, creare l'ambiente di luce più adatta. !! Nessun mercurio o materiali pericolosi. !! !! !! Specifiche tecniche: !! Tensione di ingresso: !! AC100-240V !! Potenza: 4W, 6W, 9W, 12W, 15W, 18W, 24W (opzionale) !! Colore chiaro: Bianco (6500K), bianco caldo (3000K) (opzionale) !! Flusso luminoso: 280LM !! Angolo a fascio: 120 gradi !! Fonte del LED: 20 SMD2835 LED !! Colore bianco !! Materiale: lega di alluminio !! !! CRI: 70 !! Hole !! diametro !! : 9cm / 3.54in !! Formato dell'articolo: 10.8 * 10.8 * 1.5cm / 4.25 * 4.25 * 0.59in (L * W * H) !! Peso dell'articolo: 128g / 4,50 once !! formato del pacchetto: 13 * 13 * 4,8 centimetri / 5.11 * 5.11 * 1.88in (L * W * H) !! Peso del pacchetto: 164g / 5,79 once !! !! !! Lista del pacchetto: !! 1 * luce !! !! 2 * clip a molla !!
This 360 camera will give you a new experience. High quality and no any dark spot, perform greatly and perfectly. Support different view modes to give you a different viewing angle.

Dual 220°fish-eye lens, support 360 degree shooting, help you take amazing photos and videos.
8MP CMOS sensor allows you to take high quality and smooth pictures, no any dark spot.
1920 * 960P 30fps to capture high speed action.
Built-in Wi-Fi, easy to see what you're recording, and operate via your mobile devices.
Different view modes for you to choose: Flat Panorama/VR/Circle mode and inversion mode.
Comes with accessories, allowing you to attach the dear camera on different devices, such as bicycle, car and FPV devices.
Widely used in build shooting, FPV, traveling, gathering and other outdoor activities, totally different and shocking visual effects.

Brand: Andoer
Lens: 220°Fisheye F2.0 f=1.1mm
Focus: Fixed focus
Image Sensor: 8MP CMOS
Photo resolution: 3008 * 1504
Video resolution: 1920 * 960P 30fps
File Format: JPG, MOV
Display Mode: Flat Panorama/VR/Circle/Inversion
Interface: Micro USB 2.0
Battery: Built-in 1500mAh
Language: English / French / Spanish / Italian / Portuguese / German / Russian / Chinese
Power Save: Off/1min/3min/5min
Wifi Work for OS: Android 4.2 or above/for iOS 7.0 or above
System Requirement: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8     
Hardware: Intel/AMD Dual-Core CPU or above
Storage: Support for Micro SD up to 32GB (Not included)
Item size: 6 * 5 * 3.4cm / 2.4 * 2.0 * 1.3in
Item weight: 106g / 3.8oz
Package Size: 13 * 13 * 10cm / 5.1 * 5.1 * 3.9in
Package weight: 481g / 17.0oz

You can download the SYVR360 APP through the two-dimension code or at google play.
Under VR mode, you need a VR device to experience the difference.(VR devices are not included.)

Play Download Website:
1.Download "Symax360" panorama video player to play the video(Download website for Mac: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/tomtopdownload/drive/mac/SYMAX360_Player_mac_20160624.zip /  for Window: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/tomtopdownload/drive/windows/SYMAX360_Player_windows_20160627.msi)
2.If you want to use other panorama video player(such as insta360/ UtoVR/ kolor eyes) or upload the video to Facebook or YouTube video website which can play panorama videos, you can download the "Symax360" video converter via https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/tomtopdownload/drive/SYMAX360_Video_Converter_1.2.3.msi.

Package List:
1 * Camera
1 * USB Cable
1 * Storage Bag
1 * Bicycle Support
1 * Camera Holder
1 * Adhesive Tape
1 * Reset Pin
1 * User Manual(English)






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  • By t**** August 18, 2016

    This is a very good camera that feels like it is very unique in terms of the sea of action/sports cameras out there. This camera is meant to be placed low to the ground so that it can get a 360 view of the surroundings with the 220 degree fish eye lens. The video it records can then be cut and splayed to different display options, such as a round fisheye image/video to an anterior and posterior shot, or the best option, a VR 360 shot. If you have google cardboard/glasses and have see the youtube 360 videos, this camera can essentially make those videos. The app is quite easy to use and the display on the phone is quite responsive. If you place this on a rolling platform you will get absolutely immersive VR videos that will blow your mind for sure.

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  • By c**** August 19, 2016

     this is a camera with a pretty unique function which uses the new growing VR functions. That being said, there are a few cons, most which can be fixed in future software updates. If you want to have VR that is orientated correcting, you HAVE to have this camera on the ground with the lens facing up or on the ceiling with the lens facing down. 

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  • By s**** August 5, 2016

    I got this 360 camera just one week, at present everything is ok - Small and easy to carry; - Get a wide field of vision through a panorama key ; - A full range of application and convenient to display; - an afford price. - The APP connection function is very useful and powerful, easy to operate and can share to your Facebook too

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