Andoer 折り畳む式ポータブル拡張可能なアルミ合金三脚 Unipod 脚キヤノン ニコン ソニー デジタル一眼レフ カメラ用ボール頭

Andoer 折り畳む式ポータブル拡張可能なアルミ合金三脚 Unipod 脚キヤノン ニコン ソニー デジタル一眼レフ カメラ用ボール頭

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2019-01-21 16:33:18


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180 度折り畳み式三脚、約 36 cm 折り返し、持ち運びや保管が容易です。
拡張足、高さ調整、最大の高さの 4 つのセクションは、中心軸の高さが 40 cm。
センター軸反転機能・ 180 ° 角度調整は近く、最低の撮影を確認する調整可能な約 153 cm
サポート分解一脚使用、拡張可能な長さは約 40 cm から 115 cm。
に三脚の最大径は 2.5 cm、頑丈な作業のため優れた強度を与えです。
unipod、お使いのカメラを保護するためによりよいを安全にロックするクイック ロック システム。

万能回転ボール プレート、異なる方向から写真を撮ることができます。
レベル調整ノブ、360 ° ダイヤル、パノラマ撮影に便利。
水平・垂直撮影 gradienters のより良いキャリブレーション。
クイック リリース装置の誤操作のためダウン スライドを避けるために滑り止めのゴム板を使用。
ロック デザイン、クイック リリース プレートを簡単に削除することができます。
1/4"ねじ、ほとんどのカメラのためのスーツとクイック リリース プレート。

カラー: ブラック
材料: アルミニウム合金
2 つ折りサイズ: Approx.36cm/14.2
商品重量: 約/3.3 lb
パッケージ サイズ: 40 * 12 * 12 cm/15.7 * 4.7 * 4.7
パッケージ重量: 1883 g/4.2 lb

パッケージ リスト:
1 * 三脚ボール ヘッド
1 * キャリング バッグ
1 * ポーチ
1 * 六角ボルト
1 * ユーザー マニュアル (英語・中国語)







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  • By R*************** September 26, 2017

    Perfetto! Assolutamente vale il doppio almeno di quello che costa! Bel fatto, solido, tutto di allumino e magnesio! Robusto e senza giochi vari. La testa sembra ben fatta e solida quando la di va bloccare! Acquistare senza timore! 10++++

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  • By J**** September 26, 2017

    This one is made of aluminum, I'm using it as a backup tripod for my new Manfrotto 190, luckily is that but it takes an acceptable time to extend the legs, you know, sometimes you suddenly got a shocking view. The mechanics of movement of all the moving pieces is smooth and easy to operate too Also it included a carry bag which was of excellent quality. It was well padded and had a sturdy zipper that seemed rugged and I feel will provide years of service. A little heavier is real, while think that is is not $100, what else can i say?

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  • By K***** September 25, 2017

    "Andoer tripod is a light weight tripod/monopod well suited for travel. After searching several tripod, I get this Andoer tripod at a discount price from Andoer for a testing review. Without dwelling on the packaging really good quality and on time delivery (even arrived early), I must say that the product is good, the build quality seems good, the perception is of a solid and sturdy product (of course, all compared to the price!:) - Really small footprint, very compact when closed - With a little practice you open / close / place in a very short time - I like the screw system for the elongation compared to the levers and to the type of quick release adopted - With my 70D + tele + Battery Grip, seems to be in trouble (maybe a little imperceptible vibrations but only when fully extended) - The maximum extension it seems even greater than that stated, I have yet to measure it - Convenient because using it as monopod, although the thread dell'apposita leg is plastic, we hope that he may judge - Always for the monopod it is possible to obtain a considerable maximum extension using also the central column other than the head - To position the camera at the bottom there are two solutions: turn your legs up (in this case without the protection of the firm but remains stable), or unscrew the bottom of the center column, remove it, and mount it on the contrary - The weight, although higher than expected as a perception, is contained and everyway also need the stability of whole - Pocket for including belt - Well-made transport bag + pouch protect the head (although black and not beige like in some photo) Finally, I recommend this product extensively. my judgment at the time: comfortable, versatile, functional, solid ..."

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  • By J*********** September 25, 2017

    The tripod looks solid and well done overall, with a diameter of generous leg and a head of good features; provided with a camouflage bag. Both the dimensions when closed (about 35 cm) as the weight (1.64 kg with the bag), make Q-666 a valuable companion travel, to be included in a suitcase or a backpack. After opening the Q-666 is stable, even more if you do not extend the last elements of the thin legs.

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  • By A********* September 25, 2017

    Il cavalletto sembra di ottima fattura, i materiali sono buoni ed è altamente "comprimibile". Carino esteticamente, unica cosa le regolazioni delle gambe sono un po' troppe (4) e quindi ognuna molto breve. Prezzo OTTIMO, testa più che buona anxhe con nikon d750 con 28-70.

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  • By N***** September 25, 2017

    Il treppiede mi ha stupito per la sua stabilità, trattasi di un treppiede di produzione cinese venduto sotto diversi marchi ed ho preso questo perché il più economico. Ha praticamente tutto quello che serve, è piccolo e comodo da portare in giro perché abbastanza leggero e molto compatto da chiuso. Comoda la funzione monopiede.

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