Aputure Amaran Halo HC100 CRI 95+ LEDリングフラッシュライト(キャノンEOS 7D 6D 50D 5DマークIII 5DマークII 700D 70D 650(T4i)20D)

Aputure Amaran Halo HC100 CRI 95+ LEDリングフラッシュライト(キャノンEOS 7D 6D 50D 5DマークIII 5DマークII 700D 70D 650(T4i)20D)

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100色のレンダリングインデックスLED(CRI> 95 Ra)を使用し、より自然なカラーレンダリングを行います。

モデル:Aputure Amaran Halo HC100
CRI:95 Ra以上
電源電圧:DC 3.6V〜6.7V
色温度:5500K +/- 200K
同期速度:1 / 200S以上
Powered by:4 *単三電池(別売)
パッケージサイズ:20 * 13.5 * 9.2cm / 7.9 * 5.3 * 3.6in
パッケージの重量:423g / 14.9oz

1 * LEDリングのフラッシュ
8 *アダプタリング(49,52,55,58,62,67,72,77mm)
1 *ユーザーマニュアル(英語)






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  • By v******* September 20, 2017

    Not a true flash as there isnt much adjustability. just 2 stops. It does flash and you can select L/R. Helpful. THe 95CRI shows they mean business, STD LED's are about 87-91CRI. The battery door takes fiddling to close, you will figure it out in 1 minute, its just a little pet peeve I have for it. I'm sure you've had battery flaps that you had to play with before. Its not a bad product. The communication to the camera is a little basic. I think the modeling light is a little bright and should be adjustable. It does flash with shutter release. Pros: -high color fidelity from the CRI 95 -affordable light that lasts long because of LED's low power consumption -some adjustment, would like to see more on the next version -L/R sides -even halves when doing L/R, not like canon's where there's a dead spot/plastic inbetween. -number of LED's -long cord for off camera flash/off the lens in your hand control!!!! -many lens adaptors from 49-82mm

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  • By A************** September 18, 2017

    One day I was scrolling through facebook and then I saw a post by Fstoppers or something similar about this light. under $50 for a ring light... why not? When I received the package I was pretty amazed on the color and intensity the light gives out. I can't tell you how LONG I've been waiting for something like this. It produces beautiful soft light for my macro shots and head shots. The only cons is the build quality the plastic feels a bit cheap but hey its under $50. I also wish it was big enough for lenses with 82mm filter thread since the 24-70 2.8 mkii is a bit larger than the standard 77mm thread. If this is back in stock jump on it quick! Hands down best light for photography and video if you are on a tight budget.

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  • By D****** September 17, 2017

    We bought a Nikon D3200 earlier this year, and are still experimenting with all it can do. When I was offered the chance to evaluate this new and improved flash ring, I was only mildly intrigued. After all, the camera comes with its own flash and we don't do professional photo shoots so I did not anticipate a great need for this sort of accessory. Well, trying is believing. It only took a few test shots to demonstrate the outstanding qualities of this modestly priced product. There are lots of competing products at this price level but the obvious main difference is the number of LED units. Polaroid and Meike have 32, others have 48, this Amaran model has a staggering 100, but it's not just about brighter light. This unit has a smart colour rendering feature, which in essence means that, with proper adjustment, your subjects will not be washed out. The usual applications are macro photography, small objects, scientific applications, even books or documents, anything where shadow-free, detailed photos are needed, but the various modes of use offer lots of creative options for portrait photography as well. The ring works in full mode (which is fabulous for video taking because the light output is constant, without any flickering), and flash, which is triggered by your camera. You can also choose to have only the right or left side lit. Each mode can be set in stepless increments to quarter, half and full power, giving you a lot of flexibility. The unit takes 4 standard AA batteries and can be mounted directly on the hot shoe of your Nikon (there is a similar model for Canon cameras) with the flash mounted around the lens by means of one of eight rings (for our D3200, the correct size is 52mm but the adaptors range from 49 to 77mm). Alternatively, the flash ring can be attached to the unit itself and mounted on a tripod or even held by hand as the LED lights don't get hot. It works well at a maximum distance from your subject of 1.5 metres but you can go much closer. The light is strong enough that you can bounce it off a white board or umbrella. As compared with a standard flash, the light is much softer and more diffused. For professional use there are flash rings that can cost several hundreds of pounds, but if your needs are moderate, or if you just want to try this type of accessory, you can hardly go wrong with this well made, solid looking piece of kit. For my purposes, it takes macro photography to a new level, especially flowers, butterflies, and the like. It's also a huge time saver for the product photos and videos I take to illustrate my reviews. I can do my indoor photographing any time of day or night without any need for tedious post-processing. Aputure also make a larger rectangular flash panel which will work with any style and make of camera, mounted on a tripod or stand, or hand-held. I will update this review to address durability, but for now first impressions are excellent. The units looks robust, the cable is thick and pliable, the fitting rings are plastic, but I've already dropped one on a hard tile floor and it bounced back undamaged. Even with minimal experience, results have been fantastic and I really like how it works with video.

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  • By R*** September 17, 2017

    I just recently picked up the EF 100mm f/2.8 USM as my first macro lens and immediately realized that I was going to need a ring light for low light/indoor situations when shooting macro. This ring light works perfectly for both. It has allowed me to increase shutter speeds significantly without having to bump up ISO too high when shooting handheld. It also works great for outdoor macro to fill shadows. In my experiences thus far, it works best when used in the "always on" mode. Flash mode seems to overexpose quite a bit. You may be able to resolve this by adjusting your flash settings shooting in manual mode, I just haven't taken the time to do so as of yet. The only other issue I've noticed is that when shooting in continuous mode, the flash will not always sync up correctly. This really isn't an issue for me as I'll mostly be leaving the light on and only shooting macro. Pros: - Very bright with adjustable brightness - Accurate colors - Flash mode for single shot portraits works well - Good battery life (4x AA not included) - Price Cons: - Flash mode overexposes - Flash mode does not sync well in continuous shooting

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  • By J******* September 17, 2017

    Bought this for use with Sony A7R and Sony A65, with FE and A-Mount lens. I bought the Canon version, not sure if Nikon version is the same or not. Flash feature works with A7R and Sony A65 (with Sony ADP-AMA adapter). This was a question mark for me before purchasing, as I didn't see a 'sony' model for this. The Polaroid was the other consideration. Preferred this for the 'flash' feature, brightness (based on reviews - not first hand experience). It helps that this is also cheaper (at the time of my purchase).

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  • By q**** December 27, 2016

    This one fits and operates very well for me. The overall quality is good and the plastic parts seem well made and fit as designed. Does exactly what it says it does, love the clarity and at 95+ CRI I am confident with each picture taken. The provided adapters work with every lens range I have. Battery life is very good in the continuous mode.I love it! It is a very nice flash for the money. For my purposes, it takes macro photography to a new level, especially flowers, butterflies, and the like. It's also a huge time saver for the product photos and videos I take to illustrate my reviews.

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  • By P************* September 21, 2017

    A nice cheap alternative. With modern cameras and high asa ratings works just fine

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  • By k********* September 21, 2017

    works just as well as any other expensive ring lights I've seen! a must have if you're wanting professional video work without breaking the bank

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  • By j************ September 20, 2017

    I really like this light. I know it is intended for specific type of photography but I find myself using it all the time. I love the effect it has on a subjects eyes when used to photograph or film people. I find the quality to be very good. It seems well designed and well made.

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  • By T*** September 20, 2017

    This Light is pretty bright even on it"s lowest setting. Color rendition is way above other LED lights in this price range. The build quality is as you would expect for the price - plastic fantastic but does the job well. It's great that you can have it either on the lens or on top of the camera - I also have a little adapter to put in on top of a light stand.

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  • By E*** September 20, 2017

    Love this light, super bright! If you need a ring light, get this one!!!!When I use it, I can work well with me.

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  • By g************* September 19, 2017

    This is a great ring light. It lights up a lot of things I need in a small area. It's worth every dollar spent and I still use it on top of the Neewer 160LED light. If you do a lot of portrait even videos this lens gots you covered.

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  • By K**************** September 19, 2017

    I picked up the version before this (N60) and while it was OK, it just didn't seem to be quite bright enough. However, the new H100 provides twice the amount of light in both constant and flash and cost pretty much the same as the N60 version. Honestly, you can't go wrong with this product, it does macro exceptionally well and while flash tubes are still superior, this is a great place to start if your on a budget or just getting into macro photography. I recommend this product!

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  • By T****** September 15, 2017

    Works as I hoped it would for macro photography. I think it will work for portraits as well. Then I'm going to try videos.

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  • By G************ September 15, 2017

    It provides lots of light for being so light weight and versitile. So far, works just as hoped and expected.

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  • By A******** September 15, 2017

    very good product,it's very useful when shooting Video.Be surprise that this light can do. And good for take portrait photo too.

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  • By w************ September 14, 2017

    works as intended, didn't regret buying it

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  • By D********** September 14, 2017

    Excellent flash for it's purpose -- macro photography. Can be used in flash mode or model light mode. If you use a lens hood (and you do, don't you), it's a bit of a hassle to have to remove the hood to attach this flash.

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  • By M************ September 14, 2017

    Not spectacular, but good. Allows for intimate lighting in any environment. The plastic is kinda cheap, but it's appropriate for the price point. If you want a ring-style lighting setup, this is a good value for the dollar.

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  • By M******* September 14, 2017

    Cool product.. No problems.. Not for high end work.. Don't pull this s*** out for a professional job unless you handle embarrassment well. Good for a quick catch light tho

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