Colle acrylique planches effaçables à sec film Film Director Clapper Board ardoise 9,6 * 11,7" blanc/noir

Colle acrylique planches effaçables à sec film Film Director Clapper Board ardoise 9,6 * 11,7" blanc/noir

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2019-01-20 11:20:35

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Caractéristiques :
gravé ordinateur anglais lettrages pour la longévité.
grand format : 24,5 * 29,8 cm / 9.6 * 11,7 po.
matériel acrylique et autres que le bois produit, facile à être écrite ou nettoyés. bâtonnets magnétiques
garantir une fermeture ferme et audible.
spécial design et puissant assez pour éviter de craquer.  

Spécifications :
matériel : bande magnétique + acrylique
façon écrit : utilisation de haute qualité feutre stylo ou un marqueur stylo et l'effacer après utilisation (stylo non inclus)
utilisé pour : Film, TV joue, annonce live, studio, vidéo, taille de clins
etc.: environ 24,5 * 29,8 * 1,8 cm / 9.6 * 11,7 * 0,7 en
poids clins :
360g/12,7 oz taille du paquet : 33 * 27,3 * 6,2 cm / 13,0 * 10,7 * 2,4 dans
le poids du colis : 525g/1,16 Lbs

Note :
n'utilise pas la plume grasse, sinon elle ne peut pas être effacée.

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  • By J************** September 26, 2017

    I've been producing pro shoots for 30 years and this is a fine value for the price. I read the reviews of those who don't like it, complaining that the screws came loose (hint: tighten the screws and you'll be good), and i shake my head. It has both a gray and color scale and clapper that allows you to sync multiple cameras/audio sources in a shoot. I've used this slate on two documentary efforts and it's been a nice, cheap solution. Plastic could be thicker and sturdier, but then the price would likely go up. A very economical and reasonable alternative to those who don't require digital slates for their projects.

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  • By K********* September 25, 2017

    This clapboard is sufficient for commercials, small shoots and indi-films. It doesn't do anything fancy, but they did put a magnet in there to make the arm stay in place when closed. I don't know if I'd gamble my color-correction on the colors featured on it, but it is a nice touch. I had no issues erasing dry erase marker from the board, and mine came as picture, with only English lettering. You may consider putting some loctight on the screws to keep the nuts from coming off over time.

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  • By M********* September 18, 2017

    The top fell off right away. But we glued it back on it's good now.Except for that, all the others are good.

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  • By C*********** September 18, 2017

    Besides few letters coming a little bit erased, I think it's a good quality stuff.For its function, I think it's pretty good.

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  • By W************ September 18, 2017

    Worked well for me the hinges are wonky straight out the box but thats nothing but a easy fix from home depot and a good priced slate compared to other ones. Gets the job done carry cleaner and you'll be fine.

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  • By D***** September 17, 2017

    Great product - purchased as gift for son's drama teacher she loved it - modern look to an old school prop/tool

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  • By M********** September 17, 2017

    happy camper!!!Before I received the goods, I was worried, and after receiving it, I thought my worries were unnecessary.

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  • By M*************** September 17, 2017

    I like it, it is what it says it is. However, it's a little fragile, so handle with care.The price is worthy of its quality.

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  • By k******** September 17, 2017

    good clapper, does the job.It's worth it to me, and it keeps it in good shape when he's working

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  • By J**** September 17, 2017

    The colors are a little different a long the top of the clapper but besides the photo is spot on. Mine shipped from China so expect it to arrive in about 2 weeks.After receiving the goods, I was surprised that it was very good for the price.

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  • By F********* September 15, 2017

    It arrived on time, I took it out, and clapped it together in rapid succession. Feels solidly built, not at all flimsy, which is pretty good considering the price. So I clapped it together even harder, for those times when I'll need that noise for all the microphones. No wiggle, no problem, and I like the magnets in the sticks, assuring a crisp *crack* of sound. No clapboard is meant to be kicked around, but by its nature is meant to take abuse. Which means if this thing holds up throughout an entire shoot I'll not only be happy, but at such a low, disposable price, I'll buy several more.

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  • By M******* September 15, 2017

    It's a 15 dollar slate you want to look professional and sync audio it's good enough. Only real negative is that the bolts come off stupidly easy, after a day of shooting we were already missing one. I do recommend it though cause you can just buy replacement bolts and lock nuts.

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  • By T*********** September 15, 2017

    This clapper board came wrapped as if it was Xmas! Nice packaging and boxed well. I read the reviews after purchasing and was worried this bird would be junk. After opening it up and checking it over, it looks nice and made sturdy. haven't come loose. So far it works and serves its purpose. Well worth the money.

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  • By V** September 15, 2017

    I purchased this for a 3 day project shooting corporate videos. I put it through the paces and it had no problems. The dry erase worked well enough although as some have mentioned, it won't ever clean completely off. Basically leaves a gray smudge behind. My only complaint would be the clap isn't really that clean. It sticks a little bit at the end which puts the "clap" sound about a frame or 2 off. Other than that, it's fine for most corporate type projects or small budget films. At $13, you could purchase a few of these and be fine.

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  • By S********* September 15, 2017

    As a photo prop it is great, but if it were to be used as an actual movie clapper, I would have issues. I was using a dry erase marker to decide size and placement of my text before going back to make it permanent since this was just to be used for a single photo. When I went to erase the ink, though, most of it stayed behind. It didn't want to erase even though it was a dry erase pen that I used.

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  • By R********* September 14, 2017

    I've had this for a few years. I liked the price, and works to sync the audio. The major problem is that the nuts would become lose and the screw would come out. Since the screw is small, there is a probable chance of losing the screw. I ended up having to duck tape over the nuts to correct this problem. Because I'm more concerned over function that how it looks, it wasn't a problem for me. I do wish, though, that it was made better to solve this problem. One possible solution that would help is to make the end of the screw so either a flat screwdriver or Phillips type. That way you could tighten is more. The way it is made does not allow either of these types of screwdriver to work.

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  • By R********************* September 14, 2017

    I ultimately like the product and how it works. It gets the job done for a relative reasonable price while informing you editor/crew of what shot your setting up for.

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  • By c********** December 22, 2016

    Excellent product. Just what I needed for my last movie. Good build and simple to use!

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  • By d**** October 20, 2016

    Works great.

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  • By j******** September 26, 2016

    Great for the price!

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